Indigo Oil - Extra Strength

Indigo Oil - Extra Strength

Indigo Oil - Extra Strength

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INDIGO EXTRA STRENGTH delivers maximum growth potential while preventing the over and under active hormones in the body from shrinking the hair follicle.  

-USE A MINIMUM 3 MORNINGS A WEEK.  NOT A NIGHT BEFORE BED.  Part the hair front to back and ear to ear.  Drop a dropper full along that parting.  Can also be applied for targeting growth, like the edges and nape area.

-This formula will accelerate your hair growth, especially when used while the hair is in a RESTING style or phase.

-Mix 3 drops with your shampoo for a deep cleanse and deeply moisturizing experience for normal to extremely dry, flaky scalps.

Additional benefits include:

-Longer, fuller hair

-Natural ingredients

-Decreased premature Graying

-Heals Scalp Inflammation

-Decreases Dry, Itchy Scalp

-Eliminates Scalp Tension and Discomfort

-Time Specific Application

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