INDIGO OIL is a strategically blended formula of organic herb, essential, and fruit oils designed to promote hair growth and overall scalp health and wellness. The idea was created to provide a solution for an ongoing problem that affects many communities. Hair loss can be attributed to many factors. The most common being aging, hormonal changes, stress, diet, and improper hair maintenance practices. INDIGO OIL acts as a communicator to your body. The active ingredients are absorbed under the scalp, which then communicates to the body to promote hair growth, moisture balance, and to decrease scalp inflammation.

INDIGO OIL is safe for ages 2 and older. It is also safe for all hair types, hair colors, and textures.


Indigo Oil owner Tiffany Clarkson

Tiffany Clarkson is a licensed hair professional for over 13 years. Her career catapulted early in the DFW area when she became known for her clients’ noticeable hair growth results after removing their hair weaves and extensions. She continues to work full time in her Plano, Texas salon, Indigo Salon by Tiffany C. ensuring proper hair care and hair growth to those who trust and support her visionary expertise. Tiffany also has a 5-year-old son named Clarke. Her portion of the profits from INDIGO OIL will be saved for his college fund.

“It was always my goal to make hair weaves and extensions an accessory, not a necessity among my regular clientele. But getting them to keep their scalp healthy while wearing the extensions was a task all in itself. I knew something had to be created to motivate them to meet me halfway in their hair growth journey by doing the proper maintenance at home. INDIGO OIL empowered them to gain the confidence they needed to grow and wear their natural hair. Each bottle has a piece of me in it. It has been a journey, and I am forever thankful to walk it with you. LET’S GROW TOGETHER!”

- Tiffany Clarkson